Villa Ghigi

The villa was built by Adamo Argelli, an industrialist from Ravenna, around 1820. There are traces of the ‘Argelli hunting lodge’, as it was originally called, in some mid-19th century sources:

“The most beautiful and newest villa in Godo is undoubtedly the one built by Adamo Argelli, an industrialist from our town, about 30 years ago. It is located to the right of the road (Faentina) that leads from Ravenna to Russi; 11 kilometres and about 160 metres from the town. The casino is divided from the road by woods and gardens, avenues, etc. A few years ago, when Argelli died, the villa and other property passed to his daughter, married to a fallen nobleman, Tommaso Pasolini of the Counts Dall’Onda…”

Around the 1930s, the villa was then bought by Dr Severo Ghigi, a well-known local doctor and podestà of Russi, who also gave it its current name. The property then passed to the Giunti family, related to the Romagna painter Giuseppe Manoni, who spent most of his life there.
Later, however, Villa Ghigi faced a period of complete abandonment that lasted over twenty years.
Finally, in 2001, the complex was purchased by the current owners, who carefully restored and enhanced the original appearance of the building and the splendid park.